How to Unblock Your Money Struggles

Welcome Gorgeous,

It is that time of the year where new sprouts of life is waiting to burst forth from the precious green earth created by Source/God!

In business, we are birthing a new paradigm around our relationship with money and integrating a new economy with the currency of money. I recently tuned into my favourite mentor when it comes to the New Paradigm Money Game. Her name is Kendra Thornbury and she speaks volume on prosperity consciousness and getting UNSTUCK from money woes. Her hang-out is totally unscripted as she brings fresh content to help you change your mindset about money. As visionary entrepreneurs, healers, transformational coaches and agents of change in your chosen career path, we have to address our money issues within and stop chasing every new shiny objects online so that we can make a difference and make a great income without having to sell your soul by trading your time for money or staying in life-sucking jobs, careers or workplace environments that do not serve our highest purpose.

Get ready to take lots of notes, however Kendra believes in taking inspired action and implementing the strategies she generously gives on each of her talks or hang-outs! Do not let the information be mind candy! Implement, IMPLEMENT! Get your journal out, get your PJs on and carve out time to honour yourself and business in 2014 by listening to this MONEY BREAKTHROUGH GOOGLE+ HANG-OUT WITH KENDRA THORNBURY! You will receive a breakthrough on this hangout guaranteed! Trust me it was that mind shifting. TUNE IN.

BEGIN feeling the early stages of new life emerging as Spring nears!

Imagine feeling plenty. Secure. Abundant.
"It’s totally possible!"  "Now, let’s close that gap, use your power and GET ON with the prosperity you are here for!" according to Kendra Thornbury!

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MINDSET is focus on building the core mindset that will support your financial abundance in your life and business! Do not be afraid to DREAM BIG...BE MORE in 2014!
P.S**I HIGHLY suggest you download the mp3 version to this hang-out and keep it in your success library!


Cheers to a bountiful existence!

How to Craft a Heart-Centered Biz


It begins with an intention. SIMPLE!

What are some of your intentions for your business? What is your BIG WHY?

One of my business intention is:-

I intend to build a solid, sustainable, scalable, profitable, purposeful, passionate and successful Spirit-led business which will be heart-centered since I seek the Lord first and be filled with Spirit and passion into building a successful freedom based lifestyle that will allow me to retire well before 65 by leaving that 9-to-5 so that I CAN generously support myself, family, my loved ones and global community 100%.

My personal vision statement is: I am a walking reward for 10,000 people. I am a citizen of mankind.

This is my new found passion to be a passionate Spiritpreneur!

Are you feeling the nudge by Spirit to lead a freedom based lifestyle?

Happy reading!!!!! :) :) Love from Cassie "Passionista"


A Personal Note from Heather…

Dear Heart-Centered Entrepreneur,

Have you been caught up in the day-to-day work of making small, incremental changes in your creative business? Do you ever have a sense that what is holding you back is not more information, more classes, or more stuff? Then I have an important message for you…

Over the past year, I have made some big changes in my life. I launched 2 new business brands, earned passive revenue (making money while sleeping and playing), grew my subscriber list by 300%, manifested a creative meet up with a favorite best selling author (whose books I used to carry with me for inspiration not so long ago!) and checked off a life long goal of traveling to Africa to do humanitarian work.   It has also been a year of following my own internal compass.

Over the year I have also had the pleasure of talking with hundreds of entrepreneurs and creative types and found that way too many were stuck and spinning their wheels because they were focusing on the wrong things.

Instead of going for what they really truly wanted, they were putting their time and energy into tiny steps that were mostly creating more busy work and frustration.

I think you know what I mean: tweaking their marketing, attending another event on how to make more money, or implementing a slow, cookie cutter formula because it’s what worked for someone else.  Now there is a time for going slow and following others, but there is also a time for trusting yourself and making big leaps. 

And funny thing is, once you do this, all those baby steps take care of themselves!

Let the transformation journey begin!

From my heart to yours,

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